The Power of WiFi Marketing in Your Company

VipFi is an innovative WiFi Marketing solution that adheres to LGPD and the Marco Civil, designed to provide businesses with an advanced and effective way to engage customers, collect valuable data, and improve the user experience.


Effective Customer Engagement

VipFi's WiFi marketing campaigns attract customers' attention and encourage interaction, helping to increase brand loyalty and customer engagement.

  • Custom campaigns
  • Customer Interaction with Your Business
  • Increase of engagement
  • Improvement in communication with the end customer

Valuable Insights

VipFi provides valuable insights into your audience, helping you better understand your customers and enhance your marketing strategies.

  • Marketing strategy
  • Customer understanding
  • Data collection
  • Continuous improvement

Total Control

With VipFi, you have total control over your customers' WiFi experience, ensuring they always have a stable and high-quality connection.

  • Personalized experience
  • Stability and quality
  • Browsing time
  • Bandwidth limit

Greater Marketing Reach

The ability to run campaigns on other VipFi customers' WiFi significantly expands your marketing reach.

  • Greater visibility
  • Lead capture
  • Brand awareness
  • Brand recognition

Compliance with LGPD and Marco Civil

VipFi is designed to adhere to LGPD and the Marco Civil, ensuring that your company is in compliance with privacy regulations

  • Adherence to law
  • Security
  • Privacy
  • Compliance

Segments we cater to

Cafes and Restaurants

Cafes and restaurants can use VipFi to create an engaging digital environment for customers. They can run ads for new menu items, special offers, or upcoming events. In addition, they can collect customer feedback through polls to better understand their preferences and enhance the menu and service.

Hotels and Resorts

Hotels and resorts can use VipFi to provide guests with useful information such as hotel amenities, local activities, and spa service promotions. The poll responses can be used to improve the guest experience. In addition, they can limit browsing time and bandwidth to ensure that all guests have a quality WiFi experience.

Retail Stores

Retail stores can use VipFi to broadcast ads for ongoing sales or promotions. This can encourage customers to make additional purchases. Furthermore, stores can collect demographic data to better understand the profile of store visitors and adjust marketing strategies accordingly.

Vehicle Dealerships

VipFi can be used to highlight new car models and current promotions directly to customers who are browsing the showroom. In addition, dealerships can collect demographic data from visitors, such as age and gender, to better understand the profile of potential buyers and tailor sales strategies to better serve these customers.

Gyms and Health Clubs

Gyms and health clubs can use VipFi to promote new classes, membership plans, or health and fitness products. They can also use polls to better understand member preferences and make suitable improvements.

Clinics and Hospitals

Clinics and hospitals can use VipFi to provide useful information to patients, such as visiting hours, available services, and health tips. They can also use the demographic data collected to better understand the patient population and tailor their services accordingly.

Events and Fairs

Event and fair organizers can use VipFi to share useful information such as event schedules, maps, and special offers from participating vendors. The poll feature can also be used to collect feedback after the event, helping to improve future events.

Universities and Educational Institutions

Universities can use VipFi to provide students and staff with important information about campus events, registration deadlines, and curriculum updates. They can also run ads for student organizations, clubs, and societies. Through polls, universities can collect feedback from students on various aspects such as teaching quality, campus facilities, and food services, in order to make necessary improvements.